Introducing Kuluta, our latest addition to the fleet!

Kuluta - Expedition Catamaran
Kuluta is our latest addition to the fleet. She was custom designed and constructed by Armstrong (long time local boat builders) merging state of the art Aluminum Alloy Technology and highly efficient Arneson surface drive propulsion. The Five Star high speed, deluxe catamaran was built specifically with whale watching in mind and offers our guests levels of safety, comfort, speed and stability unmatched by single-hulled vessels. This striking silver catamaran accommodates 42 passengers and features an indoor heated cabin, on-board washroom facilities, outdoor elevated seating, and several decks with 360 degree all round viewing creating a level of comfort and convenience to satisfy adventurers of all ages. Our crews of experienced, trained naturalists are on board to guide and assist you throughout the journey. Powered by Twin Cummins Turbo Eco-Diesel Engines & Arneson Drive System (low underwater noise), Kuluta is one of the most Whale Friendly & environmentally friendly vessels in the fleet. She has a cruising speed of over 25 knots and can reach a top speed of 35 knots, yet her double hull design provides smoothness, stability and comfort for our passengers. Kuluta is a First Nations name for Porpoise!

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