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Here are some of the recent sightings we’ve encountered in the past few days!

Latest Whale Sightings Report

Check out our latest whale sightings report for November! November proved to be one of the best months of the season for Whale encounters with Orcas or Humpbacks (sometimes both) on every tour. Not only did we see a lot of Whales but they were also being very active. We are still offering tours in […]

2018 Season Final Sightings Report and Highlights.

Overview: Welcome to our 2018 summary! This season presented many opportunities to witness an unforgettable variety of wildlife and their behaviours. The 2018 season was unique in the frequency of certain species we observed as well as the long duration of our season, the latter unlike any previous season. This was possible as we excitedly […]

2017 Season Final Sightings Report and Highlights.

Season Trends and Sightings: Welcome to our review of 2017! This year was a fantastic year on the water, and we were grateful for an overwhelming presence of certain marine mammals. On many of our trips, we were able to encounter more than one species of cetacean (e.g. Humpbacks and orcas), in addition to the […]

2016 Season Final Sightings and Highlights.

Season Trends and Sightings: Welcome to our 2016 Highlights! This year we were so fortunate to encounter a diversity and high frequency of marine mammals, plus other Salish Sea wildlife. The beginning of the season saw both observed populations (ecotypes) of Killer Whales (Biggs’ and Southern Resident). We also had encounters with Minke Whales and […]