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PWWA article about Five Star Whale Watching!

Pacific Whale Watch Association – PWWA Next up in our “Meet Our Members” series is (…) Five Star Whale Watching! Established in 1985, Five Star is the oldest whale watching company in Victoria, BC. While originally a charter fishing business, founders Eric and Kathy Johnson quickly recognized the public’s growing interest in whales and began […]

Wildlife A-Z

Wildlife A-Z This week for Wildlife A to Z we address “Quantities” in terms of Bigg’s orcas- pod sizes, population and amount of vocalizations! All orca ecotypes are unique (e.g. Southern Resident orcas, Bigg’s orcas, Offshore orcas), behaving, vocalizing and eating in similar but also very different ways. Bigg’s, or transient orcas, travel in small […]