Fall Whale Sightings & Tours

October Whale Sightings

In October we had amazing encounters with both Orcas and Humpbacks.

We got to witness a number of different Orca Pods including the T36’s, T38A’s, T109’s, T123’s and the T252’s. On one encounter with the T36’s and T38A’s we watched them for almost an hour hunting Sea Lions!

With regards to the Humpback Whale encounters the only word to describe them is EPIC! On a number of our tours we encountered anywhere between 30-60 different Humpbacks. On a number of encounters we witnessed breaching and on a large number of tours we saw the Humpbacks actively feeding.

Although we are now in November the sightings continue to be fintastic and we will be operating tours, subject to demand, availability and weather, until the end of December. Join one of our Ultimate Marine Adventures and witness the wonders of the Salish Sea for yourself.

Tours depart daily at 1pm on Salish Shadow (see image below). Book now or call our office for more details.