Monthly Archives: December 2021

Wildlife A-Z

Wildlife A-Z For this week’s “Wildlife A to Z”, we look at “W” for “Whaling. As a species focus, we will discuss humpback whales in specific. Between the 1800’s and 1900’s, humpback whales were hunted extensively with the peak of commercial whaling practices. Note, this is different from traditional subsistence practices by Indigenous Peoples. The […]

Gift Certificate – Thoughtful & easy gift-giving

Gift Certificate – Thoughtful and easy Gift-Giving Christmas Day is only a week away. If you are looking for a cool gift this Christmas then purchase one of our Gift Certificates for a 3 hour Whale Watching tour. Our Gift Certificates provide a thoughtful and easy gift-giving option. Purchase before Dec 31st to save 25%. […]

Stay local, Support Local

Stay Local, Support Local This holiday season we’d like to re-share our list of great local businesses for those looking for some fantastic gift ideas. Help support local communities while selecting unique and thoughtful gifts or gift certificates. And don’t forget Five Star Whale Watching tours and gift certificates for the nature enthusiast on your […]