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A “Fingerprint” on The Tail (Tells Which Whale).

How the tails of Humpback Whales are a clue for who’s who in the sea. What’s in a tail? Well, if you’re a cetacean (whale, dolphin, porpoise), then technically speaking your tail is composed of the expected stuff; connective tissue, arteries and veins. Surprisingly, the flukes (a tail is made up of two flukes) do […]

WCA video about Five Star!

Our friends at the World Cetacean Alliance created this wonderful video about Five Star Whale Watching. We are proud to be Victoria’s first WCA Certified Responsible Whale Watching Operator.   WCA Virtual Whale Watching – Five Star Whale Watching How many different species did you spot on this trip? Comment below!Our 'round the world' virtual […]


  We are resuming operations and offering tours on Saturday June 20th. For now we are accepting bookings from small groups, 4-8 and families. Tours initially will be just on our 12 passenger vessel, “Salish Shadow” and then on our Catamaran, “Kuluta” in mid July. We have various COVID-19 safety protocols in place that meet […]