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Orcas sightings in the Salish Sea in 2023!

chart, bar chart a whale jumping out of the water

Here are the 2023 Killer Whale sightings in the Salish Sea thanks to our friends at Orca Behavior Institute🙂 We had some incredible encounters in 2023 with Bigg’s Killer Whales.
It is interesting to note the huge difference once again of the sightings data of the two eco types of Orcas in the Salish Sea. It shows again that if orcas have enough food they will frequent the Salish Sea, if they don’t they will find new areas to forage.
In the Salish Sea we have seen a large decline in Wild Chinook Salmon, the primary food of the SRKW’s. This is especially true of the Fraser River Chinook stocks, the Salmon that would attract the SRKW’s into the Salish Sea in the spring and summer, which is the months they now visit the least.
On the other scale, the abundance of Pinnipeds (Seals & Sea Lions), is the main reason we are seeing Bigg’s Killer Whales return to the Salish Sea in record numbers.